Registration Card Setup

Registration Card Setup

Registration Card Setup

Setup > Registration Card
With our Registration Card feature you can have your guests registering digitally.

This feature is available in our PLUS Package. More pricing information here.

I. Navigation

Add Section: Add a section and start to customize by adding Attributes.  
Add Pre-defined Section: Load these following section: Guest Information (name, email, phone), Address Section, Passport Section and Booking Information section (check-in & out, number of adults & children).   
Add Upselling Section: Add an up-sell to the Registration Card. More information here. 
Download QR Code: Download and place the QR code at your Front Desk so that guests can scan it and check-in. 
Copy URL: Copy the URL of the Registration Card to send the link to a guest manually.
Preview: Preview your Registration Card. Save your work before clicking on Preview. 

II. Adding a Section

Regularly used Sections: Basic Guest Information, Address, Passport Details, Booking Information, Arrival Details, Membership Details, Personalizing Stay, Important Information, Signature.

1.  Click in the navigation on "Add Section" or "Add Pre-defined Section".
2. Add a title and an into text. (Addendum is an optional appendix or "fine-print" text below the Section).   
3. Click on Add Attribute to start adding elements to the Section. 

III. Adding Attributes to a Section

1.  When you click on Add Attribute, a section will come up and you can pick an Attribute from a dropdown. 
2. Select the width this Attribute should have in the Registration Card. (Recommended: Half Screen) 
3. Select if this should be mandatory for the guest to fill out.  
4. Select if this field should be asked (and mandatory) for any other occupants in the same room. Don't select it if you just need the information of one guest per room.
5. Select an Attribute and click on Add Attribute again to add more. 

Custom Attribute: Add a custom attribute to add a custom attribute. Examples: 
Single Line Text > "Next Destination", "Newspaper Request", etc
Multi Line Text > "Special requirements/ requests for you stay"
Checkbox > "Tick if you want to join our mailing list"
Yes/No > "Do you require Express Check-out?"
Time > "Estimate time of arrival"

Important: Make sure you have a Signature Section for the guest to digitally sign for their stay. 

IV. Registration Card Confirmation Page 

On the right side you will find the Default Confirmation text. On the left you can do changes to it and add your own wording. 

V. Schedule your Registration Card

Setup > Emails 

Enable the emails and schedule when it should be sent to your guests. You can also setup a reminder. 
"Preview" the email and edit it under "Content". 

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