Registration Card Up-selling

Registration Card Up-selling

Registration Card Up-selling

Registration Card must be enabled for your hotel. Contact if you would like to enable this features. Additional costs apply.  

It is possible to have an Extra up-sell in your Registration Card. Below we list a few examples how these offers could look like and a step-by-step guide on how to set it up. 


1. Offer an Early Check-in if your guest indicates that they are arriving before official check-in time. (Works also with Late Departure). 
2. Offer a Dinner at your restaurant if the guest indicates interest in dinning options. 

3. Offer a bottle of Champagne (or wine, flowers, dinner, etc) if guest indicates to be celebrating a special occasions at the hotel. 

4. Have your guests opt-out of Housekeeping in exchange for a 20% discount F&B Voucher (or glass of beer, wine, snacks, etc.)


1. Go to Setup > Registration Card

2. Click on "Add Upselling Section" to add a section in your Registration Card to sell an Extra service to your guests. 

3. Enter the following information:
- Title: is the title of this section (e.g. "Special Occasions") 
- Intro (description on top) and Addendum (description on the bottom) - optional

- Attribute Type & Attribute Description
You have 3 options on how to trigger the up-sells to appear. This is based on a question (Attribute Description) on the Registration Card to the guest:
1. Trigger on YES: Upsell is offered if guest answers YES
Example: Attribute Description: "Are you celebrating any special occasions with us?";    Answer: YES;    Action: Offer a Champagne upsell.

2. Tigger on NO: Upsell is offered if guest answers NO 
Example: Attribute Description: "Do you require daily housekeeping?";    Answer: NO;    Action: Offer a F&B Voucher.

3. Trigger between time range: Upsell is offered if guest selects a time between a pre-defined range. 
Example: Attribute Description: "Estimated time of arrival?";    Answer: 10AM;    Action: Offer Early Check-in Extra

- Select Extra Service: Here you can select which Extra shall appear if this question was answered with a YES or NO.  (e.g. bottle of champagne). The Extra must be created under Setup > Extra types. (You can setup that this Extra is just offered on the Registration Card and not on the pre-arrival up-sell email).  

4. Save.

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