Setup Wizard: Creating your Room Types

Setup Wizard: Creating your Room Types

Setup Wizard: Creating your Room Types

More information:

1. Creating your room types:

It is important that you add all your room types (even if no upgrades are offered to this room type), from lowest to highest room category. 

Tips & Tricks:

Room Description: 

  1. ‚ÄčKeep description short, use bullet points that are easier to read  
  2. List the main selling points. What are the features that would make a guest want to upgrade?  
  3. Avoid generic description that applies to every room type (for example: free WIFI, alarm clock, hairdryer, telephone, etc.)
Room Pictures:
  1. Add as many pictures as possible
  2. Have the best picture as the lead-in picture (first in the setup)
  3. Only add high-quality pictures

Additional Setup after completing the Setup Wizard:

1. PMS Code: You can combine several PMS room types into 1 room in UpsellGuru once all rooms are created (For example joining King and Twin Room into one main room category).

2. Name & Description: You can add Name and Description in different languages once all rooms are created.

2. Adding the up-sell prices:

Tips & Tricks:

1. Don't overwhelm your guests with too many upgrade options. We suggest a maximum of 2 - 4 upgrade options.

2. Offer only upgrades that are applicable and attractive for the guest in the booked room type.

Upgrades to avoid:
  1. Change of bedding type: For example upgrade from King/Double room to Twin Rooms (and vice-versa). 
  2. Not applicable for the occupancy: For example to offer an upgrade from a Single to a Family room; or from a Double to a Triple room.
  3. Big change in pricing and room type: For example from a Standard to a Presidential Suite.


Additional Setup after completing the Setup Wizard:

You will be able to set "offsets", for example making the upgrade prices dynamic according to room type occupancy, day of the week, length of stay and season. Go to Manage Upgrade prices. 

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