Setup Wizard: Creating Extra Types

Setup Wizard: Creating Extra Types

Setup Wizard: Creating Extra Types

More information:

PMS Code: If your PMS has a 1-way integration only, a PMS code is not required. Add any code that helps you to identify this Extra.

Billing Type: Extras can be (1) Instant Confirmed to client, (2) On request - fixed price (hotel needs to approve), or (3) On request - Bidding (hotel needs to approve). 

Billing Rule: Per Day, Per Day Per Person, Per Person, Per Unit or Per Reservation. 

Most Popular Extras:
  1. F&B items (Breakfast, Dinner, Afternoon Tea)
  2. Early Check-in and Late Check-out
  3. Room Amenities (Bottle of wine or champagne, flowers, chocolates) 
  4. Transportation (Parking and airport transfer)

Additional Setup after saving:
After saving go to the individual extras to add following information:
  1. You can add Name and Description in different languages.
  2.  If you don't have a picture available, check out our our Gallery.
  3. Target to which guests you want to display the selected Extra. Add selections by Rate Codes, segmentation, room booked, day of the week and stay dates.  

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