Room Availability Setup

Room Availability Setup

Setup > Room Types > Availability Setup

This feature is only available if your PMS delivers room type availability to our system. 

1. Room Availability:

You can setup if the system should check for your room type availability and close-out rooms that are not available. 

To consider: will you usually reject an offer for a room that is not available, or will you find ways to allocate the guest or wait for possible cancelations? 

2. Availability Threshold

Enable room availability check for this option to work.   
By default the threshold is 0, where rooms are closed-out once the availability of 0 is reached.
You can overwrite with a positive number (e.g. close out at an availability of 2) or negative number (e.g. room type can be overbooked up until -2). 

Use cases:
1. You just have 2 Suites and want to offer them just if both are available in order to not overbook. In this case you would set a threshold of "1".  
2. You want to overbook your Superior rooms by 5 rooms as these rooms are easy to upsell and you can allocate guests into other categories if need be.  In this case you would set a threshold of "-5".     

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