(Guestline) Setup Checklist

(Guestline) Setup Checklist

Please complete all the below points within Guestline PMS and UpsellGuru to avoid any errors in the interface. 

Room Upgrade Settings

1. Product Code: Please make sure that Product Code for Room Upgrades in Guestline is entered correctly in the INTERFACES tab in UpsellGuru. (For example: ROOMUPGRADE as in screenshot below).  

2. Product Type: Select "Bedroom Upsell"

3. Posting Mode for Room Upgrades: By default, the revenue for Room Upgrades will be posted once, on the day of arrival ("Posting Mode": Day of Arrival in Guestline and UpsellGuru). If you would like to change it to a daily posting, please change it to "Arrival & Resident Days" in Guestline and UpsellGuru. 

Source: UpsellGuru > Interfaces tab
4. Make sure that the option "Expose to Web Service" is enabled in Guestline. 

5. Additionally, make sure you have these settings in Guestline:
  1. Exposed to PMS: In your Rate Setup in Guestline, make sure that all your rates are Exposed to PMS (including OTA rates too).
  2. Make sure your Rate Plans in Guestline applies to all room types that you are offering upgrades to. 

Extras Settings

1. Extras Type Product Code:  Make sure that the correct Product Code is entered in UpsellGuru for all your extras. It must be identical of your Guestline Product Code. They should be entered in UpsellGuru in Extra Type Setup under Extra Type Identifier.

2. Expose to Web Services: Make sure that "Expose to Web Services" is enabled in Guestline for all Products created in UpsellGuru. 

a) Make sure that Charge Mode is set as Single Charge. 
b) if the Extra Service billing rule is "Per Day" or "Per Person Per Day" in UpsellGuru you must enable both Day of Arrival and Resident Days. (for example: breakfast).
If you don’t want to change your current settings on points a and b above, you can create a new Product for UpsellGuru (e.g. USG_BREAKFAST or USG_DINNER) to avoid side effects with other sales channels.

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