Dynamic Pricing Upgrades FAQ

Dynamic Pricing Upgrades FAQ

Dynamic Pricing Upgrades FAQ

UpsellGuru has a new way to setup your room upgrade prices, which makes this process even more dynamic. Here you will find some frequently asked questions.  

Shall I switch to Dynamic Pricing?

We would recommend for hotels yielding room rates independently per room type, (e.g. the price difference between your room types changes several times per day) to switch to dynamic pricing. 

The supplement price between my room types are always the same, shall I still switch to dynamic pricing?

If you have a high number of rejected upgrades due to low offers, using a more dynamic approach may be the solution. In this case, it may not be necessary to "shop" the internet for your room rates - but our algorithm will help to show upgrade prices that reflects your availability.  

How does it work?

1. UpsellGuru checks your brand.com or booking.com prices for up-to-date room rates every few hours. 
2. The real-time supplements (difference in price between your room types) will be shown as your maximum upsell price to your guests in the UpsellGuru upsell emails. 
3. Our algorithm calculates the optimal minimum price according to your room type availability.

Simply put, UpsellGuru offers your guests the real-time perfect upsell offer /bidding range to your guests. 

How do I request it?

Please email support@upsellguru.com and request dynamic pricing. We will enable our "rate-shopper" to map to your hotel. This takes about 2-3 business days. 

Is there any additional cost?

There might be additional costs depending on your contract. Please get in touch with our support team at support@upsellguru.com to get more information. 

How will the setup look like?

You will just need to define the Maximum Discount you are willing to give. The default is 40% but you can change it at any time. This is the discount offered when the hotel has a low occupancy (below 50%).

For each "Booked Room Type" you select either to offer no upgrade or to offer an upgrade at the default discount (see above) or to override the discount.  

Are there technical limitations in relations to my PMS?

For optimal performance, your PMS needs to transmit room availability to us.
This applies to the following PMSs: Apaleo, Cloudbeds, Guestline, Guesty, Infor, Mews, Opera, Protel, RMS, RoomKey, Sihot, Suite8 and Stay'nTouch.

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