Creating a new Extra Type

Creating a new Extra Type

Creating a new Extra Type

Setup > Extra Type > Add Extra Type
Following information is required:
1. Extra Type Code
2. Name and description
3. Scheduling
4. Pricing and billing rule
5. Picture
6. Restrictions

1. Extra Type Code

  1. Enter a Extra Type Code that matches the posting code in your PMS. 
  2. If your PMS or connection source has no 2-way interface, just enter a code to help you identify the extra.   

2. Name and description

  1. Enter Extra Type Name and description. 
  2. You can add Name and Description in different languages (Select language code and click "Add Language")
  3. "Additional Information to appear on confirmation email" can be used to provide further information on the confirmation email (for example opening times, table booking link, instructions, etc).

3. Scheduling

  1. If this is selected, your guests will have the chance to schedule or specify a preference on the Check-Out page of the upgrade process.  
  2. If the extra needs scheduling (specification of day and/or time), select YES.
  3. "With any time" if the service is available 24 hours or "With specific hours" if hours are limited. 
  4. If you select "With specific hours", choose from when to when this extra can be scheduled and the time interval.
  5. Use "Custom Questions" to ask for any specific information from your guest (e.g. Flight number). 

4. Pricing and billing rule

  1. Sales Type: Extras can be (1) Instant Confirmed to client, (2) On request - fixed price (hotel needs to approve), or (3) On request - Bidding (hotel needs to approve). 
  2. Billing Rule: Per Day, Per Day Per Person, Per Person, Per Unit or Per Reservation. (Examples for each at the bottom of the page)  
  3. Price: Selling Price
  4. Strike-Through Price: If the selling price is discounted, you can show a strike through  Price

Examples of Billing Rules: 
PER DAY: Parking, Extra Bed
PER PERSON: Packages, Spa, Afternoon Tea
PER UNIT: Airport pickup, Bottle of wine
PER RESERVATION: Early Check-in, Late Check-out

5. Pictures

  1. Add at least one Hi-Def pictures.
  2. After saving you will be able to sort the pictures.
If you don't have a picture available, check out our our Gallery. (You need to have selected a Category on point 2 - Extra Name & Description)  

6. Exclusions

See article " Restrictions for Extras".

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