Creating a Hotel Directory

Creating a Hotel Directory

Creating a Hotel Directory

Setup > Hotel Directory

Create a Hotel Directory to keep you guests informed throughout their stay in a digital way. You can add menus and other hotel information. The Hotel Directory will be sent to your guests once they arrive at the hotel by email, or they can scan a QR code to have access.  

This feature is available in our PLUS Package. More pricing information here.

I. Creating the Hotel Directory 

1. Click on “Add Page” and select if you want to add it by text, upload a pdf or upload a picture.

2. Start by adding a Title (for example: Welcome, A-Z Directory, Menu, Area Information, etc).

3. Add a Sections for the page, by adding a Section
Title and Text

4. Add as many sections as you need. Sections can be added as text of picture.   

5. Save and create the next page.


 Further Information:

  1. Your logo and colors will be displayed in the Hotel Directory. Setup for that is under Setup > Guest Pages and it shares the settings with the up-selling tool.  

 II. Sending the Hotel Directory

 Access to Directory can be sent by email or SMS (once guest checks-in), or by scanning the QR code.


1. Go to Setup > Emails
2. Enable the First In-House Message. Select for the system to send it " at checkin" (is sent once guests completes check-in at the hotel) and Purpose: Hotel Directory
3. We have a pre-defined email text (you can "Preview" here), but you can change it under "Content". 

Please contact us for more information. Additional costs apply.

QR Code:
1. Download the QR code from the setup page. 
2. Place QR code in the room, at the front desk or hand them out with the room key.

I. (Optional) Install a Chat Wizard

We have enabled the function to add a Chat App to the Hotel Directory.

We recommend an App called TAWK.TO. This App is free to use, and you can have as many users as you want. The app can be installed on a computer or phone.
The chat widget will sit at the bottom right of the page and your guests can use it to communicate with you.

1. Download the app for Windows, Mac or mobile.
2. Sign up for a free account.
3. Go to Administration > Chat Widget and copy the Widget Code.

4. Go to UpsellGuru Extranet > Setup > Hotel Directory
5. Paste the Widget Code into the “Add Chat Widget” box.

6. You’re done! Read here how to answer a chat request.
7. For any further reading, check their KNOWLEDGE BASE. 

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