Interface F.A.Q. Interface F.A.Q. Interface F.A.Q

UpsellGuru is an approved and BookingSuite connectivity partner.

How to setup the integration?

1. Go to UpsellGuru Extranet > Interfaces > Connect with
2. A new page pops-up where you have to log-in with your credentials.
3. Approve the connection to UpsellGuru. 

Will charge us commission on the upgrades?

No, there is no additional commission from

How will the up-sell emails be delivered to the guest?

The emails will go directly to the guest's "real" email address although a "masked" email address is displayed (e.g.

I am using the interface. How can I email other guests?

This is possible with a PMS interface, manually uploading a file extract or fully manually in our Extranet. 

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