Autobid Pilot

Autobid Pilot

This feature should be used on a 2-way PMS integration and can be enabled under Setup > Room Types > Bids Autopilot Setup.

Within UpsellGuru, there is the possibility to automatically accept or deny upgrades depending on certain criteria.

The setup is completed per room type and following criteria are to be taken into account:

1. Colour Strength:

The colours show the bid strength, it starts with red as the lowest bid strength (min upgrade price) and ends with dark green as the highest bid strength (max upgrade price).  

2. Rooms Availability Threshold:

Here you can enter the minimum room type availability that allows the system to automatically accept an offer. For example if “2” is entered, the system will only accept if you have more than 2 rooms available of this specific room type.  

3. Time of Decision:

It is also possible to decide when the offers should be accepted or rejected. You can choose between the following options:

4. Not enough availability:

If the bid was not accepted at the first stage, you should decide what happens with the bid at the second stage. The options are “wait till day of arrival” (recommended - in case there are any changes in availability),  “instantly deny” or “Hotel Decide” (hotel user has to manually accept/deny the bid).


Default Setting Options

Based on UpsellGuru’s experience, we offer three default setting options for you to use.

By using this option, you get the standard settings that are most common and recommended by us. But of course, it also depends on the individual hotel and the booking behaviour of your guests.

The default settings can be adjusted at any time.

  • Moderate Acceptance Level:

This setting can be used for hotels that want to hold on room types a couple of days prior to the guests arrival in case a better offer comes in or the room can be sold differently.

As seen above, upgrade offers will be accepted if a min of 3 or rather 2 rooms are available and will only be accepted 2 days prior to the guests arrival.

  • Medium Acceptance Level:

This setting will also hold back room type availability, but is more flexible in accepting upgrade bids.

The default setting is configured to hold back two or rather one room per category and will accept them one day prior to the guest arrival.

  • High Acceptance Level:

This default setting will automatically accept all upgrade bids received if the room type is not sold out. With this setting you make sure that you don’t miss any offer received by your guests and will automatically accept them one day prior to the guests arrival.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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